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What is the best way to wear an ankle bracelet in summer?

The beautiful weather is returning, so there’s only one option: get out and enjoy the fresh air. Finally, we will be able sunbathe on the beach and display our legs. To adorn your steps, the essential accessory is the ankle bracelet  We tell you how to wear it and what style.

What is an anklet ? As the name implies, an anklet is worn around the ankle. There are many styles and materials to choose from, despite its simple name. The anklet was first discovered in 1800 BC by archaeologists, ethnologists and others. It is believed to have originated on the banks the Danube River in the Alps. In tombs of ancient Egypt, you can also find sumptuous anklets adorned with precious gemstones and connected to toe rings. They were frequently the property of male and female prostitutes in Egypt as well as the rest of the ancient East. An anklet is very sensual and gives you a more intimate walk. However, that is not the only reason. Anklets have been a symbol of wealth and social status throughout History. They were made from gold and decorated with precious stones. The modern age has adopted the anklet as an accessory to enhance legs’ beauty. Nowadays, you can give the anklet many different styles so everyone will have the right bracelet. You can make the anklet discreet or glamorous. It may be precious, elegant, exotic, expensive, or fancy. It is important that the anklet is selected with great care to best reflect the owner’s personality. It is essential in the summer.


Anckle bracelet

Anckle bracelet


What is their initial function?

The Indian anklet is only worn by women. It is a symbol of femininity, tradition and grace. Sometimes it is a collection of finely crafted items. It was a long, elaborate necklace decorated with pendants. It was precious and heavy. The anklet is a prerogative for women in Asia and Africa. The anklet was most often worn in pairs. This type of anklet was made of silver or gold and reflected a social class. Many of these anklets did not have a clasp, and were soldered to last a lifetime. The African anklet was often made from bronze, or engraved brass and worn at funerals, initiations, and festivals. The symbol treasure was kept safe and passed down from one generation to the next. It was also considered a treasure, in the full sense of the term. Made of gold, silver, and aluminum they represented the wealth of the family. Sometimes they were part of the bridal dowry or the present that the young man fiance gave to the bride to encourage her to marry him. The anklet could also be used to guard loved ones. Young Chinese children wore the anklet to protect themselves from evil spirits. The models were made from metals like silver and gold. They also had bells that allowed the child to be able to find him or her. It was decorated with small bells and charms. This model is often used by dancers in India, Asia, or Africa. The tinkling of these bells added to the magic and dynamism of traditional dances.


What clothes do I need to wear with the anklet

You can wear an anklet with any type of shoes or outfit. An anklet in gold will look great with black pumps or the classic Salome shoe. A braided anklet can be worn with any outfit. Charms This will look great with sandals or flip-flops on the beach. If you are the bridesmaid, wear a classic, light-colored dress with airy veil. You can also opt for simple, gold anklets. A hemp bracelet or cotton braided bracelet is the best choice for you if you are taking a stroll along the coast. It will look great with beige, brown or orange clothes. A fancy chain in silver, with summer charms and embellishments, is the perfect accessory for dancing at the beach bar. The anklet must be a compliment to your overall outfit and not take away from it. The anklet should be matched with your other accessories and clothing (handbag, jewelry, etc.). You should match the style of your ankle bracelet so you can easily wear it at any event. To enhance your body, the ankle bracelet must also be appropriate. Bracelets with thicker chains and braids will suit strong calves. They will also prefer to wear dancing charms and colors. Even slimmer ankles may choose thin, light-colored metal chains with subtle reflections. Strong anklets are best for sportswomen.


The latest styles in anklets

The anklet’s meaning has changed over time. The anklet has not lost its original sensuality but is now more of a fashion accessory and symbol of good times. The anklet has been a fashionable accessory since the 20th century. The clasp secures it. The clasp can be adjusted to suit the changing seasons or your wishes. It is original and unique. Style It makes us feel gorgeous, from head-to-toe. When we show our legs, it blooms. All styles are now possible for anklets. Designers have taken this gem and made it available in a wide range of materials and colors. You can have it in gold, silver or even gold-plated. Anklets can be rigid or flexible. A anklet is made from plastic, nylon or cotton. You can tie it with charms, braid or make it look fancy. Inscribed . You can choose to be classic or very stylish, but it also has the potential for being a little bohemian. We love bohemian anklets. Charms are available in metallic or feathered, pearled, and shell versions. You will find something to suit every style and budget. It is the meaning and beauty of each item that matters. An anklet is a very fashionable accessory. You can accessorize any outfit with the anklet, as it adapts to your every need.


It can be worn alone, or as an ensemble.

You can wear an anklet by itself. You will be noticed by everyone. It can be worn on one ankle, but it also follows the trend of stacking, which is an accumulation of jewels. This is all about taste and morphology. It is up to you to choose the right anklet for your legs.


It can be paired with other kinds of jewelry.

As with all jewellery, the anklet can be matched with other jewelry such as earrings or necklaces. Your entire body will look beautiful, from head to toe ! If your anklet has a delicate, metal link, you shouldn’t wear it with thick jewelry or pearl necklaces. Both of them will look dull.

If your earrings are made with beautiful shell pendants and have an elegant look, you might consider an anklet that has charms that evoke the beache, such as starfish, palm trees, starfish or shells. As always, matching will add a little magic to your outfits. It will make you feel beautiful. An anklet is a symbol of freedom. It symbolizes the desire to be in the sun and to expose your legs. This adds elegance and sophistication to every outfit. You would not be right to go without it. Your anklet will give you a beautiful look at the tips of your feet.

Also, if you love an aklet, you will probably love to create you own brazilian bracelet.

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