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What is the best way to create a Brazilian bracelet as a beginner?

Making a Brazilian bracelet is one of the teens’ favorite hobby nowdays, it is so simple and easy. You will need cotton thread in your favorite colors and scissors.

What’s a Brazilian bracelet?

It is a ribbon weave made of cotton threads in colors. They are easy to find and  available in a variety of colors. There are also fluorescent options ! You will need to tie a knot using a support thread from the left side to the right, and then go from left to right. There are three types of knots: right side, reverse and reverse.


People attaching brazilian bracelet to one another

Friendship brazilian bracelet


Start your bracelet with these tips

Choose threads in a variety of colors. This is because the bracelet will become thicker if you use more. If you only use a few colors, cut the arm length to 90 cm. To make braids, tie the threads about 10 cm before you knot. Insert a safety pin into the threads to hold them in place. Hang it onto your pants. Another option is to use strong scotchtape or place them inside a lid for a container that will be placed between your knees.

Different steps in the making

Making a bracelet requires very little attention and is easy to do. You can hold the wires in one hand and then make the knot using the other. To create patterns, knot the threads together by alternating the directions of the knots. A minimum number of threads is required. Two threads You should have at least one thread that is not broken.

Bracelets from Brazil: The various types

There are many types of bracelets. The most popular is the rounded one, which requires the use of the correct knot. We usually use three colors but can also use other colors. Bracelets with oblique bands are where the right-side knot is not used. Three strands This will make a thinner bracelet. If you need it wider, you can add more strands. You can make a Herringbone bracelet or a bracelet with more complexity by using the right side knot and the reverse knot. This creates different patterns. Once your bracelet has been completed, tie the remaining strands together. Then you can attach them to the wrist. This method will prevent you from removing it. Instead, make a wish that the bracelet will break due to wear.

You can wear your brazilian bracelet on your wist but also as an ankle bracelet !