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Are you an expert in ecological art?

We are increasingly discovering ecological art as an artistic process. Let me tell you what this is about.

A creative process

It is an ancestor of land art and was created in the Sixties. The ecological art is a more advanced form of land art that uses natural materials to make art. The movement is intended to increase awareness about the environment and develop natural areas. It also aims to create artistic works to rehabilitate them. This art has often a militant goal and aims to make an impact on the minds and cause them to act. Ecological artworks are often used to condemn human actions or alert to a disturbing natural phenomenon.


Art representing lungs with leaf

Ecological art



A art that is rooted in the current issues

Ecological art was established in the 1960’s. It is now more relevant than ever because of our climate crisis. After large-scale fires at Massif des Maures for example. Philippe Pastor, Monegasque painter The work was called “the burnt trees” by the artist. Olafur Eliasson, a Danish artist, participated in COP21 2015 by presenting a powerful work. His work “Ice Watch”, which he created, was displayed at the Place du Pantheon, Paris. The twelve blocks of Greenland ice were used to create this work. This work was created to increase awareness about global warming which causes the melting of the Greenland ice packs. Ecological art can be a great way to combine art with environmental causes. This art can make environmental problems more visible. This subject is available to those who are interested. Exhibitions Ecological Artwork .