Why is nature important in contemporary art ?

Nature is important to all of us, but artists can play a role in showing us how to save it. (more…)

All you need to know about contemporary art

Here is everything you need to know about contemporary art to start enjoying it. (more…)

Contemporary Art and Skeletons

How skeletons are used in Contemporary Art ? (more…)

Why do couples renew their wedding vows?

Having grown together over the years, loved and supported each other and developed a deeper understanding not only of your virtues but also your foibles! The creation of a new set of vows, incorporating the new aspects of your love and commitment to one another, can be all embracing and an enhancement to your future lives together. (more…)

Cannes, one of the best known towns in the world

Cannes stands out on the global stage as one of the most glamourous towns. As a beach destination par excellence, it's also a provençal foodie hotspot. And let's not forget its numerous wellbeing centres and sports facilities to keep you in shape. There's no need to choose between the mountains and the sea here. Due to its fortunate location by the maritime Alps, the town lets you enjoy both aspects of nature in a single day. Discover Cannes, a jewel in the crown that is the Côte d'Azur, which makes you want to check in for good. (more…)

Why try parasailing in Nice ?

If there's one activity that's got people talking about it in recent times, it's parasailing. Many visitors and Nice locals have already tried it. Others haven't yet taken the plunge or rather, taken off. Are you among those who haven't tried this attraction out yet? Here are a few good reasons to dive right in.


All you need to know about subsea pipelines

Subsea pipelines play a very significant role in our daily lives and also in major company or country deals. Many subsea pipelines have been laid for the transportation of crucial commodities as discussed below.


Monaco, a microstate hiding fantastic artists

When people hear of Monaco, what comes to mind is a playground for the rich and famous, even though this is true, they should also think about Monaco as a place that is full of quality fine art.

When you visit Monaco (learn more), you will notice that there are many art galleries: each exposition represent some of the artists who are producing fantastic contemporary work.