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When art is at the service of the environment

Art has had an activist role throughout history. Today, many artists put their talents to work for the environmental cause. They also defend and challenge the public’s views on the environment.

How can artists give back to the environment?

The majority of people are now interested in the environment. Many examples of ecological art can be found in every corner of the globe. Artists are not excluded. Sometimes it suffices to have a media event such as the COP 21 in Paris or an important tourist destination like Venice to allow artists to express themselves through works in order to raise awareness of ecology.

burned trees art



Accent on the Monegasque association AEA Monaco

Philippe Pastor created the Association Art et Environnement, in 2007. It is based out of Monaco. Its purpose is to organize environmental events and exhibitions that raise public awareness of current environmental issues. To have more information about this association, you can check their website.

Can art be called to the side of the planet? This is what the association believes. AEA, a United Nations Partner for the Environment, is the reason Philippe Pastor installed his sculptures made from burned trees at the United Nations headquarters. Philippe Pastor’s burning trees are also present at other sites in order to engage the general public and to support different environmental campaigns.

Green art is gaining momentum and receiving support from governments, non-governmental organizations, and associations. Many artists are acting as activists and mediators for the ecology cause. Green art’s mission is always political because it influences consciences and changes mindsets, as Joanne Clavel, researcher, points out.

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