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Monaco, a microstate hiding fantastic artists

People often think of Monaco as a playground for the rich and famous people. However, this is not true. They should consider Monaco to be a place full of high-quality fine arts.

You will find many galleries when you visit Monaco. Each exposition represents some of the amazing contemporary artists.

Monaco’s most famous artists

Francesco Rogerro is one of the most well-known artists. He is known for using colour and pattern to create beautiful pieces. Sasha Torriso is an artist who creates original art pieces inspired by pop art. 


Artpiece representing a sweet

The kind of art that we can find in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.


Zoom: Philippe Pastor is an artist from Monaco whose work impresses.

Philippe Pastor is becoming a household name in contemporary art. He is a top monaco artist. Phillipe Pastor is a painter and a sculptor who produces consistently impressive work. His work is largely inspired by nature, as he spends his days in a barn high up in the mountains to pursue his creative instincts. He was a participant in the 52nd Venice Biennale as well as other exhibitions all over the globe.