Monaco, a microstate hiding fantastic artists

When people hear of Monaco, what comes to mind is a playground for the rich and famous, even though this is true, they should also think about Monaco as a place that is full of quality fine art.

When you visit Monaco (learn more), you will notice that there are many art galleries: each exposition represent some of the artists who are producing fantastic contemporary work.

Some of the most famous artists in Monaco

Some of the famous artists include Francesco Rogerro, known for his experiments with colour and pattern to produce beautiful pieces of art. Sasha Torriso, this is an artist who develops original art prices inspired by pop art. Other artists include the famous photographer Douglas Kirkland, the daring artists Marcelline Lapouffe, Laure Fissore, the sculptor Valery Koshlyakov among others.


The kind of art that we can find in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Zoom on: Philippe Pastor, an artist in Monaco whose work is impressive

Philippe Pastor is slowly turning into a household name in contemporary art. He is one of the finest Monaco artist. Phillipe Pastor is a painter and a sculptor who consistently produces impressive work. Most of his work is inspired by nature as he spends most of his time in an old barn in the mountains in pursuit of creative instincts. He participated in the 52nd Venice Biennale and various exhibitions around the world.

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