Why try parasailing in Nice ?

If there’s one activity that’s got people talking about it in recent times, it’s parasailing. Many visitors and Nice locals have already tried it. Others haven’t yet taken the plunge or rather, taken off. Are you among those who haven’t tried this attraction out yet? Here are a few good reasons to dive right in.

To discover a side of Nice you’ve never seen before!

Everyone knows Nice is a fantastic city. But looking down on it from above heightens its beauty. Parasailing lets you gradually climb higher and higher. This way, your the view of the city takes on new dimensions as you climb.

The most imposing buildings like the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Hotel Negresco and Mont Alban Fort become specks. Pleasure boaters and everyone enjoying themselves Mediterranean drift away until they are mere dots in a spectacular panorama.

From high up, you can take in the way Nice is divided into several different spaces. You can pick out the varied colours of the green spaces, the sea, and urban areas. If you’d like to take off and test parasailing in Nice, this link will help you: nikaiaglisse.com/en/parasailing-nice-france

To try a new sport

In case you didn’t already know, parasailing is classified as an extreme sport. But unlike regular skydiving, which involves an impressive fall, it lets you gently get used to the intense thrills. The pulling speed is variable, which means children can take part from the age of eight.
You don’t need to be a top swimmer or hold any type of certificate. Also, no training is required. You’ll be briefed before the flight and technicians will take care of securely harnessing you for optimal safety.

Those who are already familiar with parasailing can execute manoeuvres in line with their abilities.

To have a blast by yourself or together

Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming a bird and floating through the air, even for a moment? With parasailing, you stay airborne for many minutes. Forget about stress and fatigue, leave your day-to-day far behind you. What you’re about to experience is simply exceptional What’s more, you can take part in this activity by yourself or in a small group. That’s why it’s a top choice to have fun as a couple, as a family, or with friends.

parasailing nice

To get a whole new kind of feeling

They say parasailing puts the proverbial butterflies in your stomach. However, the nervousness melts away quickly You are filled up, overrun with a feeling of liberty. The coastline drifts away, your feet are in contact with only thin air. Then you glide back down and skim the sea. If you’d like, you can give your feet a little dip in the water before heading back up to the sky again. Believe me, it’s an experience which leaves some beautiful memories. And once you’ve landed, you’ll only have one wish: To strap in again to rise back up into the sky once more.

To try a new activity

Nice offers so many ways to have fun that it’d be a shame not to try them all. Relaxing on the beach, staying up all night, swimming and visiting the must-see sights are, of course, timeless. Nevertheless, these are fairly standard activities.

Parasailing offers you the chance to shake things up and taste a mix of well-being and excitement.

In short, there are plenty of good reasons to try parasailing, and Nice is the perfect spot for a first experience. So, will you give it a go?