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Why try parasailing in Nice ?

Parasailing is the one of the most famous water activity. Parasailing has been tried by many Nice visitors and locals. Some haven’t taken the plunge yet, or more accurately, not taken off. Do you belong among them ? 

Discover Nice like you have never seen before !

Nice is a wonderful city. Its beauty is magnified when you look down from the top. Parasailing allows you to climb higher and higher. As you climb, the view of the city changes.

Even the most impressive buildings, such as the Notre Dame Basilica, Hotel Negresco, and Mont Alban Fort, are now specks. The spectacular panorama is dominated by pleasure boaters and others who enjoy the Mediterranean sea.

You can see the division of Nice from high above. The various colours of the green areas, the sea and the urban areas can be seen at the same time.


Two persons parasailing

Parasailing in Nice !


Discover a new sport

Parasailing is an extreme sport, in case you didn’t know. It is a gentle way to get used to the extreme thrills, unlike regular skydiving which can result in a spectacular fall. Children can participate from as young as eight years old because the pulling speed is adjustable.

You don’t have to be a champion swimmer or have any kind of certification. No training is necessary. For maximum safety, you will be briefed and technicians will secure your harness.

Parasailing is a skill that can be learned from those who have experience.

Have a great time with your friends or family.

Is it possible to fly through the air like a bird ? Parasailing allows you to stay in the air for several minutes. Thanks to it, you will forget about fatigue and stress, leaving your daily life behind. This activity is truly extraordinary. You can also take part as a solo participant or with a small group. This is why it is a popular choice for having fun with your friends, family, or as a couple.

A new type of feeling

Parasailing is said to put butterflies in your stomach. The nervousness quickly disappears and you feel full, overwhelmed with a sense of freedom. Your feet touch only thin air as the coastline fades. You can then glide back down to skim the ocean. You can take a dip in the sea if you wish before you head back up towards the sky. It’s a wonderful experience that will leave you with beautiful memories. Once you land, the only thing you will want is to climb back into the air again.

Experience a new activity

There are so many things to do in Nice that you can’t help but have fun. You can relax at the beach or stay up late to see the lights. These are all fairly common activities.

However, parasailing allows you to have fun and experience a mixture of excitement and well-being. Itis a great sport that has many benefits. Nice is a good place to start. 

Moreover, if you are enjoying the French Riviera, you must stop by the town of Cannes to have a look !


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