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Why do couples renew their wedding vows?

You have bonded over the years and shared your love and support. This has helped you to understand better your flaws and your virtues. A new set of vows can bring out the best in you and enhance your future life.

What is a vows renewal ?

No matter if it was a religious or civil ceremony, a couple usually has their wedding organized according to cultural or religious traditions. The day could have been the most memorable of their lives, or it could have been a nightmare. If so-and-so wasn’t a bridesmaid, there could have been problems with ‘mother-in-law’ taking over the event or family row. Sometimes, financial restrictions may have prevented the organization of the event from taking place in some cases. No matter the reason, the renewal of wedding vows could help them to finally achieve the ceremony they desire for so long. 


wedding vows renewal

Wedding vows renewal !

What does it mean ?

This ceremony gives the couple complete control. The couple can work with an expert to organize the event and create something personal and meaningful to them. Others enjoy the idea of having a party. The possibilities are endless, from a private, intimate tryst, to a large-scale jamboree with mariachi bands,

Show your love to your loved ones!

At some point in your life, you may decide to renew your vows. You may be wanting a significant wedding anniversary, such as your silver or ruby anniversary. Some people prefer not to wait for 25 or 40 years and instead plan their celebration at a more significant moment in their life. Some people hold ceremonies after birth or adoption. Others feel the need to renew their vows after an illness or an accident. This is their way to express their gratitude for all the love and devotion that they received during such a difficult time.

No matter the reason, renewing your wedding vows is a great way to publicly express admiration and love for one another. The ceremony can be planned and arranged from start to finish, so you can incorporate all of the memories and intimate details that reflect your love and life together.

It is possible that you had a memorable and beautiful wedding day. Sometimes it’s down to the last detail ! Although you wouldn’t go through the wedding all over again, many religions offer rites for either renewal or a blessing. This is also true for humanist ceremonies. You can include your own words, poems, or readings in the ceremony. To make sure that they are appropriate, however, it is a good idea to let the officiating individual know these before the ceremony.

You may have been denied a civil marriage  because you could not marry within one religion. Many faiths are now allowing you to make your dreams come true. If your dream is to stroll down the alley, then you can do it! You can now create the big white wedding you’ve always wanted. You may have spent years dreaming about the event and all its details.

No matter the reason, renewing your wedding vows in presence of your dearest  ones in a religious setting brings many a profound spiritual comfort to your relationships.

Some people may have felt that their wedding was heavily influenced by family traditions. This meant inviting everyone in the family, even ‘great aunt Maude, who just bought a new hat for the wedding’. All invitations were sent out by this point to all guests. You cannot invite one without inviting the other. This is a great way to say thank you to those who were subject to these restrictions. It can be a tremendous honour to have friends who have supported the couple through all the good and bad times, as they will find it incredibly inspiring to be invited to this intimate and romantic event.

However, some people don’t feel the need to publicly affirm that their marriage is one of love and devotion. You may prefer to have a private, intimate affair. A ceremony that involves faith, but only the clergyman and a few friends are possible. Perhaps you are looking for going back to a place that has beautiful memories and holds a special significance in your life. A vow renewal in Paris might be the best option.

Vows renewal is a pretext for having fun and celebrating!

Sometimes, a couple might renew their vows just to get a chance to show off their ‘knees’. Renewing your vows is as important as bringing together extended family members, friends, and work colleagues, or aunt Maude in a new hat.

The party of your dream is possible. You can hire a hall, caterers and decorators and bring in a band or group to entertain your guests. You can arrange the hall for the ceremony to be performed in any format you choose. Some people even choose to recreate a traditional wedding by having a friend or family member officiate. A word of caution! It is important to do it before you open the bar!

There are also unexpected events. There is nothing more romantic than finding out that your spouse has planned the renewal of your vows. You will likely feel overwhelmed by emotion and lose yourself in spontaneity. Imagine walking into a room filled with cheering and whooping people. It’s hard to resist such an intense and sometimes crazy celebration.

Others may prefer to fly with their family and friends to warmer weather and renew their vows on a tropical island. If money is not an issue, you could charter a plane and renew your vows from the air !

Why should you renew your marriage vows ? Your relationship will take on new meaning after years of marriage. The vows you have made on your wedding day might not be as important in your daily lives. It may be that you feel the need for your partner to make promises that are more important to your relationship. No matter the reason, there are many options available. The only thing that will limit your choices is your imagination and your finances. Renewing your vows is not a legal ceremony. You are legally married.


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