Since your childhood, you’ve been immersed in art and have enjoyed it for many decades. You have accompanied your parents to many cultural events as a child. They would take you along with them to at least one museum every week. No matter if you were visiting your hometown or abroad on vacation, there was never a week that went by without you being at an event.

This habit is a part of your adult life. You’ve taken this habit to the next level. You are a master of history and can identify the masterpieces of great artists. Now your routine will be to keep up with the latest trends. You don’t have to be an expert on all things art! By keeping an eye on the movements within the art industry, you can also search for tomorrow’s treasures.

You are now interested in street art in addition to traditional art exhibits in museums. Every walk offers you an opportunity to see works of art out in the open. It doesn’t end there. It is possible to know all about art galleries within your locality. Every window with art is a potential shopper. You recently decided to add some art to your home. You can make your house your personal gallery! Then, you gave yourself plenty of time to consider what your dream home should look like. It was important not to rush anything. You finally found the right combination: A mixture of paintings. The sculptures Your search for inspiration will lead you to lithographs. Although you may already have the space for your sculptures in your home, it is not yet clear how to hang them. Paintings Prints and posters. You don’t even know what to do with them when they are hanging. You don’t know how to frame them, whether they are brightly colored, have a unique texture, or were painted on original supports. Your custom frame shouldn’t distort your art but should highlight it. This does not necessarily mean the frame should be boring or neutral. It is possible to have fun creating custom frames that reflect your personality while also enhancing your work. Here are some tips to help you achieve this. Frame Give your art the very best framing experience possible !

1. American box

The custom frame is par excellence American box ! The canvas is placed at the center of this “open” framing method. The American box, which lacks protective glass and is not protected by it, creates an impression of closeness between the work itself and those who view it. This effect is also created by the space between the canvas’ edge and that of the frame, which gives the illusion that the work is emerging from the frame. This frame will keep guests away from your canvas.


empty frame

The perfect frame to a masterpiece


2. Each work requires a different mounting

If you are looking for something else than an american crane, then you can try different mounting options. Deep mounting is best for canvas with a high degree of relief and painting. The mount places a larger distance between your work and the protector glass, which means that it is more difficult to reach the bottom of the frame. You can use this mount to protect your work, such as a photograph of a Van Gogh painting. This mount has a highly textured appearance. Indeed, it will highlight all the impastos and brushstrokes that are so much appreciated by the artist.

The floating mount is best for works that were painted on original paper. If the piece has a very large grain on its paper, the floating mount will highlight this by raising the subject slightly within the frame. Don’t conceal an irregular or rough edged paper edge. The artist makes this conscious decision and it is an important part of the finished work. The floating mount gives the canvas a more airy appearance and makes the edges stand out better.

3. Frame with different sticks for every canvas

To complete your art’s look, you can play around with the color scheme of the frame. Pick a dominant color for your canvas, and use it as the frame. Monochrome will create a mood that emphasizes the significance of each color. To avoid an overloaded effect, you can add a mat. A black frame with a strong color can enhance the effects of a dark canvas. You can also make the artwork stand out by choosing a minimalist and simple frame. A gilded or ornamented frame, on the other hand, can capture the essence of an older painting while creating a retro feel around a contemporary work.

If you are an eartist yourself, consider the option of selling your art !