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What are the advantages of a connected lock?

Connected locks are not a futuristic device. It is a real innovation that streamlines life and reinforces the human spirit. These are some of the key benefits that the connected lock offers.

Security Enhanced

Lost or stolen Keys are a common issue, but they pose a risk to security. Connected lock are really secired. Indeed, there is no danger that the access code you have chosen will be copied without a key. The control can be done through a separate application. Your smartphone can be used to lock and unlock your house. The command is possible via code, fingerprint or another method provided by the designer. You are unexpectedly visited by relatives and you cannot be there ? The house can be opened remotely by you or they will need to enter the code. If you rent your Home, it is possible for the owner to give temporary access codes to the occupants. To maximize security in your apartment/home, this code will be reset after they leave. You remain the owner in all cases. Additionally, dedicated apps often record activities associated with the use of linked locks. This allows you to ensure that only authorized persons have access to your house.


Connected lock

Lock connected to your smartphone !



Centralized Management

All locks can be replaced with an a connected device and get rid of the keyring. Each lock’s locking/unlocking will be customized to provide maximum security. But, all of it can be managed with one tool: Your smartphone. The control center can be connected to any connected locks if you choose to implement home automation. You can manage all your devices connected through the one platform. This includes your home appliances, shutters, and locks. The connected lock makes your life easier, as you can see.

Deterrent power

It is almost inviolable. It cannot be picked up or taken off and it cannot be broken into by burglars. You can only gain entry to your house by unlocking it using the original method. The box also sends you an alert in case of intrusion attempts. This will let you know what’s happening at your house in real-time. These security features and their complexity are powerful deterrents. A connected lock gives you peace of mind that your home and belongings are better secured. You can also control who has access to what from wherever.