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Top 8 must-haves for your interior design

If your interior spaces need a makeover, here are some tips to implement. Decorators share their tips to enhance your living space.

The carpet: for more comfort

One of the indispensable elements that an interior decorator advises is to offer a place of choice to a carpet. Soft underfoot and comfortable, it can also decorate any space. Its role is to structure a room whatever its dimensions. Depending on your budget, you can opt for more or less precious textures. Round, square or rectangular, a carpet will architect the space and accentuate its warm and welcoming side. Under a table, in the heart of a room or near a bed, it is a must for decorators. Design By Anaïs, can help you choose the type of carpet you want, and place it effectively in your room. Do not hesitate to contact her!

Choose the best frunitures for your interior !

Floor cushions or poufs: to reinforce the cocooning aspect

Interior design is also about atmosphere and lifestyle. By adding a few decorative floor cushions or cosy, elegant footstools, you can accentuate the warmth of your home. These invitations to cocooning suit a variety of styles. A decorator appreciates them for their ability to punctuate a room with inviting notes of well-being. By choosing trendy textures, you can bet on velvet, coloured fabrics or leather. Your interior will thus be transformed into a cosy and friendly nest.

The vase: a decoration classic

An interior designer cannot do without the classic but essential accessory that is a vase. Depending on your budget, you are bound to find a model to decorate your living space. The decorative power of a vase allows you to take care of every detail. It allows you to add a touch of plants and flowers to your decor, but it can also be used as a sculpture. It enhances the furniture once installed on a console or a shelf. You can associate it with lights that will highlight it. All sizes exist so you can choose between small models or monumental pieces.

The wicker basket: an object with many advantages !

When designing a home, a decorator likes to arrange objects full of personality. A wicker basket is both aesthetically pleasing as a bohemian chic touch and useful for small storage. It is also an object respectful of the environment because made from natural elements! A few magazines can be placed in it and it is easy to move. A wicker basket is suitable for any room and it really meets the desires. A designer will be able to advise you on which models to choose. Ethnic atmosphere, a little rustic air or Scandinavian spirit, the wicker basket lends itself to all atmospheres.

The mirror: the trendy accessory

There is nothing like a mirror to decorate our interiors. It is worthwhile to plan their location during a decoration project. A mirror has the ability to create beautiful perspectives on a wall. It can be alone but the accumulation games are also very trendy. It is suitable for any room and plays a central role. It captures the light, which is ideal to beautify a living space. All shapes exist and the look of a mirror is more or less sophisticated. A decorator takes advantage of this accessory to enlarge a room and structure it. Like lighting fixtures, it is in any case a must to choose carefully.

The plaid: for a touch of softness

The relooking of a room is the art of finding accessories that create an atmosphere. The plaid is thus part of the decorative objects to privilege. A cocooning spirit and the art of living in a cosy space are thus on the agenda. A plaid also allows you to add a few touches of colour that enhance a sofa. An interior designer uses it to accentuate the welcoming aspect of a lounge area. It warms the space by injecting a touch of softness. This accessory, which a designer will recommend, brings personality to an armchair and is easy to store between uses.

Nesting tables: for real space saving

A well thought-out interior design is ideal for all types of spaces. By adopting nesting tables, you can achieve a functional and elegant layout worthy of an interior designer. The advantage is that you can play with the arrangement of the tables, which can be adapted according to your needs. These space-saving pieces of furniture are a welcome addition to a decorating scheme that combines style and practicality. They work equally well as a single element with a sculptural look or scattered throughout a living room to provide convenient seating surfaces. More dynamic than a single coffee table, they lend themselves to any inspiration.

The peg: to combine aesthetics and efficiency

In an entrance, a corridor but also a bathroom, a bedroom or a dressing room, the installation of a coat hook is to be planned. Clever and functional, this accessory allows to arrange a door or a partition. We always need this kind of element that has a daily use. There are models to suit all styles and you solve the question of clothing storage in an instant. Its decorative power can give character to a place of passage that deserves to be boosted.

The interior design is fundamental to make our daily spaces even more pleasant. A source of inspiration, it makes you want to create a personal universe that makes a sensation.

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