A perfume’s ability to tell a story about you, even though it may seem like a small thing. It is important that the perfume we choose should be a reflection of our tastes and desires. A perfume smell can evoke a particular memory or a specific personality characteristic. You will find the following information. What your fragrance says about you.

Five personalities revealed based on the perfume type

Similar to our Style of clothing A perfume can be described as a signature. You wear it daily or on special occasions. It subliminates your personality and reveals much about you. There are many members of the great olfactory clan. There are five distinct types of perfumes, each one reveals your personality traits. Let’s find out how to decipher these:

Sweet and greedy.

Your personality is childlike, and you are a playful, charming woman. You love to socialize with your friends, and can’t resist delicious sweets.


Woman spraying perfume on her wist

Spray of perfume


Woody scent

You can choose from natural or woody fragrances For strong personalities If you are strong-willed and hate being touched, then this is a sign that your character is strong. Woody scents can include diverse notes like:

  • Patchouli;
  • Cedarwood;
  • Vetiver;
  • Sandalwood.


A oriental scent

A oriental scent with spicy and warm notes. passionate , Zen and gentle Personality . This type of perfume is a real weapon for seduction. It reveals your love of luxury and beautiful things, as well as that you’re a perfectionist at what you do.


Floral scent

Perfume that smells like flowers and nature Your romantic side is revealed . Flowers, candles and anything that creates a cozy and warm atmosphere are your favorites.


Fruity and fresh

Fruit notes are revealed in fragrances Sensitive Being spontaneous, caring and compassionate Personality . It is possible to be a fan of citrus fragrances if you are a natural. Dynamic side .