It’s amazing ! Luxury and ecology go hand-in-hand. As opposed to the common belief, luxury does not have to be associated with extravagant spending, excessive lifestyles, pollution, or waste. Today, luxury is reversing the trend and offering eco-friendly products made with recycled materials. The world of debauchery has become a positive environmental force for the planet. The following will tell you everything.

Ecological luxury is the new world.

The luxury world is taking more responsibility for sustainable development than ever before. An ecoresponsible World . Some fashion houses, for example have taken the initiative to give a second chance to textiles. This new trend was prompted by the COP21 conference, which took place in 2021. The major producers were told to hurry up, as major natural catastrophes may occur if the temperature rise continues past 2030. The actors of the were confronted by this observation. Luxury sector They have taken the initiative to take action. Chanel has, for instance, launched Mission 1 Degree 5″, which is a program that aims to help people get involved in the world of fashion. Reduce its harmful gas emissions . Bernard Arnault has, however, announced that it will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 25% by means of a production plan. This sector, in addition to being aware of major luxury brands is also more concerned with the preservation of natural stone materials like:

  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • You can also find other fabrics

Global warming is causing some resources to become scarcer, including textiles. The impact of global warming could be significant on some sectors in the ready-to wear industry. Luxury brands must continue producing quality products while utilizing natural resources if they want to be successful. A new business model that is ethical under the banner of ecology.


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