Contemporary Art and Skeletons

How skeletons are used in Contemporary Art ?

Skeletons on Contemporary Art?

Over time, artists have used, even before Contemporary Art (1950 to date) emerged different artworks depicting skeletons or skulls to pass across their message. This has happened from the nineteenth century with artists like James Ensor to the more recent twentieth-first century with artists such as Danish Troels Carlsen. They all have made use of different skeleton pieces in their artworks.

The art of Marcelline Lapouffe

Similarly, a young artist in the person of Marceline Lapouffe has also used skeletons in her eccentric universe Monaco style to draw attention to various themes. Themes such as lust and greed have been depicted in her artworks.

Also, Marceline’s skeletons are colurful works of art displaying her love for colors. Regarding this, in one of her skeleton artworks with the theme happiness and freedom, you will find various colors on display. This artwork had a colorful skeleton on a bicycle and Marceline’s father influenced it. It is an artwork that illustrates contemporary art in a way Marceline loves to show and similar to all the other pieces in her debut skeleton artwork collection.