Contemporary Art: How are skeletons used ?

Skeletons on Contemporary Art

Artists have used different artworks that depict skeletons and skulls over time, to communicate their messages. From the nineteenth century, with James Ensor, to the twenty-first century with Danish Troels Karlsen. All of them used different skeleton pieces for their artworks.

in love marcelline lapouffe


Marcelline Lapouffe’s art

In a similar vein, Marceline Lapouffe, a young artist, has used skeletons to highlight various themes in her eccentric universe Monaco style. Her artworks depict themes such as greed and lust.

Marceline’s skeletons, which are colorful works of art that display her love of colors, are also a great example. You will see a variety of colors in her skeleton artworks that have the theme of happiness and freedom. Marceline’s father was the inspiration for this artwork, which featured a colorful skeleton riding a bicycle. This artwork illustrates contemporary art in a way Marceline enjoys to show it and is similar to the rest of her debut skeleton artwork series.