A pool can be a wonderful addition to any outdoor area and will allow you to take a dip whenever it is sunny. But a pool alone isn’t enough. The area surrounding the pool, including the deck, must be developed. You will need to select a covering. Stone carpeting is a good choice to provide safe traffic as well as sand-free beach.

What exactly is stone flooring?


Stone carpet comes in a kit and is made from rolled marble aggregates and resin. This material can be used to add a special touch of elegance around your pool.


What’s a stone rug made from?

It Stone carpet Kit includes all necessary components for coating. The first thing you need to do is get the bag of aggregates. To achieve a uniform coating, you can choose marble aggregates in the same color or different colors to make your own patterns. The second option is where stencils are included. The aliphatic polyurethane is another option. It acts as a binder to the aggregates in order to maintain their homogeneity. This resin is UV-resistant and will not yellow over time. Installing a stone carpet will require the application of an adhesive primer made of epoxy resin. Quartz cling will then be sprinkled.


Man arranging the carpet floor around the pool

Stone carpet around the pool



Which pool type is best?

There are many options for creating a pool, with the most popular being to use a combination of styles and designs.

  • Because it’s dug into the ground, an in-ground pool can be used as a permanent fixture. The creation of an in-ground pool requires work, and the budget to support it.
  • Because the above-ground pool is already placed on the ground, it doesn’t require any special work. However, it’s important that the ground be stable to support any pool whether inflatable or self-supporting.
  • Semi-inground pools are halfway between inground and above ground versions. One part of the semi-inground pool is indistinguishable from the other.
  • Overflow pools are distinguished by the lack of curbstones on either side. This allows water to flow to tanks and be recovered to filter before being returned to the pool.
  • An indoor pool, like its name implies, is built inside a space, such as an area in the home or a veranda (in which case, renovations to your terrace may be required). This is recommended for those who live in cold areas and want to be able to use their pool regardless of the weather.

The swim lane is available for those who are looking to improve their performance and physical fitness. The pool is long.


Are stone flooring compatible with any type of pool?

Stone carpet can be used to cover all spaces around your home. Pool It can be used indoors and outdoors, regardless of what type of pool it is. Stone carpeting is a beautiful, smooth surface that feels great on the skin.


What is the best way to install stone flooring around a swimming pool?

There are several steps involved in applying a stone floor. Anyone can apply a stone carpet if they have the right tools. You also have the chance to Call a stone flooring expert He will use his knowledge to do careful, quality work. Preparing the surface for the coating is the first step. It is crucial that this step be taken carefully as it will affect the durability of the coating. Clean the area to be coated and inspect the flooring. You can use a machine sander to remove grease, laitance or glue residue. For cracked surfaces, there are specific repair kits. Surface must be solid and cohesive. To remove any dirt or sanding residues, vacuum the surface. The manufacturer will specify the ratios for the components of the bonding agent. Mix on medium speed for two minutes. Use the bonding agent resin Use a spatula or a roller. You can also use a paintbrush. As you work, sprinkle with quartz tackifier. Let the bond coat dry at least 8 hours. To remove any excess sand, sweep and vacuum the surfaces. You can make minor repairs by applying the bonding resin with quartz sprinkled on it. For the corners that are not being used, place dividing joints at every 25m2. Mix the stone flooring in the shade by following manufacturer’s directions. After preparation, the application should take no more than 40 minutes. Mix the ingredients together. marble aggregates Spread the binder onto the surface. To ensure uniform results, iron the aggregates regularly and wash the screed often. At an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, allow for 24 hours drying. You can install furniture in a matter of days after the stone flooring has been applied.


What are the benefits of stone carpeting around a swimming pool?

Stone carpets are naturally draining. Concretely, the stone carpet does not permit water to collect on its surface. The drainage capacity of the surface is 50 liters per square foot per second. Safety The liner ensures that your feet are secure on the ground and the water does not drain under it. Stone mats can be used as a liner without restrictions. There is also very low risk of any deposits developing on the surface. The aesthetics of the flooring will be maintained if you adhere to the instructions. Stone carpeting has another benefit: it is durable. Marble aggregates are selected carefully to ensure that they meet high requirements for strength and durability. This is also true for the binder resin. It is impervious to weather and UV radiation. It is 100% guaranteed. You can also be sure of that. Coating It does not emit chemicals that could be hazardous to your health. The quality of your maintenance will determine the longevity of your flooring. Stone carpeting is versatile in aesthetics and can be used for all types of projects. Because of the variety of colors available in marble aggregates, this is possible. It is also flexible, so you can apply it in any way that suits your needs. You should select the right colors for your style while considering the surrounding colors. You can personalize your pool by adding different aggregate colors to create initials, symbols, or words. If you are having trouble making a decision, you may order samples.


What is the best way to maintain stone around my pool?

Stone carpet maintenance is easy, as we mentioned previously. You can clean your stone carpet once or twice per year. Hose You can also spray the surface. You should not use too much power and not spray too closely to the surface. If stubborn stains remain on your stone carpet and the water jet is not able to remove them, you can use a brush with black soap to gently scrub those areas. To remove dead leaves or other debris that have settled on your stone carpet’s surface, it is fine to sweep and vacuum the area. It is suggested to vacuum the stone carpet every 5-10 years. renovation resin. It will bring back the original beauty and prolong its lifespan. Trusted manufacturers are best to help you find the correct maintenance options for your stone carpet. Stone carpet can be used to improve the surrounding area of your swimming pool. It is easy to put in and maintain and can be customized to suit your preferences and garden’s decorative style.