All you need to know about contemporary art

Here is everything you need to know about contemporary art to start enjoying it.

What is contemporary art ?

Art is about ideas transmitted in a visual form. Contemporary art is a wonderfully colorful world where artists express themselves in an infinite number of ways. The old boundaries between forms such as sculpture and painting are lost. The human body, chiefly that of women, dominated old art. Contemporary artists look for the truth beneath, the skeletons in the closet. Everything is brought to the surface. All the old ideas are challenged.

contemporary art

What are the characteristics of contemporary art ?

Contemporary art is the art of our lifetime. Cultural appropriation is the norm. It is technologically advanced, but any medium can be used. The old can be mixed with the new. Found objects can be recycled with other elements added, you can find an example on this website It is about the crossing of boundaries and the challenging of the old norms. In this eccentric universe anything goes. There is a lust for life, a greed for adventure. Contemporary artists think in a global way. They want to connect with their audience. Their work is not remote. It is the opening gambit in an ongoing dialogue.

Step inside the world of contemporary art, Enjoy it and become part of that dialogue.