This is all you need to know to enjoy contemporary art.

What is contemporary art?

Art is the transmission of ideas in visual form. Contemporary art is an incredibly colorful world in which artists can express themselves in a multitude of ways. The boundaries between sculpture and painting have been lost. Old art was dominated by the human body, especially that of women. The skeletons hidden in the closet are what contemporary artists seek to uncover. All is revealed. All old ideas are challenged.


contemporary art


What are the characteristics and features of contemporary art?

Contemporary art is art that will last a lifetime. Cultural appropriation is the norm. Technology is advanced but it can be used in any mean. You can mix the old with the new. Found objects that can be recycled with other elements added. It’s about challenging the established norms and crossing boundaries. In this bizarre universe, anyone can do it. There is a hunger for adventure and a desire for life. Modern artists see the world from a global perspective. They are interested in connecting with their audience. Their work is not distant. It is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue.

Take a look at contemporary art and be part of the dialogue.